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Fire Hydrants

A working fire hydrant allows fire fighters a way to tap into a municipal water services so they can extinguish a fire.

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When a fire breaks out in your building, fire protection—including fire sprinklers — engage automatically in fighting the fire but when these systems aren’t enough, you count on the fire department to put out the flames completely with their hoses. This requires a working fire hydrant on your property that a fire truck can tap into.

Fire Hydrant Installation

SuperHero Fire Protection has years of experience installing fire hydrants for multi-family/residential and commercial properties. We ensure your property is code compliant and is ready to fight a fire in the event one should start.

Contact us with any questions or to schedule a fire hydrant installation at 678-804-6111.

Fire Hydrant Inspections

While we hope your property never experiences a fire, regular fire hydrant inspections help detect any damage or repairs that need to be made to ensure your hydrant is in working order when you need it most.

What we test

  • We test the water flow to determine if the hydrant has enough water flow to fight a fire
  • We ensure there are no foreign objects in the hydrant 
  • Make sure the fire hydrant drains correctly
  • Clean and lubricate cap threads and chains
  • Make sure values open and close easily
  • Touch up any chipped paint or rusted areas
Contact us with any questions or to schedule maintenance or an inspection on your fire hydrants, 678-804-6111.

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