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Our mission is to be the best fire protection contractor by delivering the highest level of service while providing a stable and secure working environment for our employees.

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SuperHero Fire Protection was founded in 2012 by a group of industry veterans who shared a vision for building a full-service customer and employee oriented fire protection business. The Company’s focus began in the design and installation of fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems, primarily for large multifamily apartment developers and managers throughout Georgia. SuperHero rapidly expanded over the following years, particularly through an extension of offerings into the inspection, service, and monitoring space. Today, SuperHero is one of the largest fire sprinkler and fire alarm installation providers in Georgia , with additional operations across the Southeast and MidAtlantic, and an offering portfolio which spans design, installation, inspection, service, and repair across fire sprinklers, alarms, low voltage systems, extinguishers, hydrants, and backflow preventers. True to its founding objectives, SuperHero remains an employer of choice across its multiple office locations, and prides itself in the strength of customer relationships.

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