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Backflow Preventers

Backflow preventers are used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow.

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Backflow is the reversal of the flow of water from a fire suppression system. A backflow preventer is a mechanical device with check valves, air inlets, and relief valves installed on water piping that serves to prevent pressurized water from flowing from the fire suppression system into the public water supply. Specialized backflow preventer valves are used where there is not sufficient vertical clearance or physical space to install an air gap, or when pressurized operation or other factors rule out use of an air gap.

Backflow Prevention System

Not only are we a leader in the fire protection industry, our team at SuperHero Fire Protection are experts with the installation, testing, and maintenance of Backflow prevention systems. Our experience and knowledge allows us to keep your systems running correctly and in compliance with code.

Contact us with any questions or to schedule a backflow prevention system installation at 678-804-6111.

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Backflow Prevention Inspections

Backflow devices are mechanical and have metal, plastic, and rubber parts that are under constant water pressure causing them to be susceptible to break or fail. Our certified technicians will inspect your entire system and ensure everything is in working condition.  

Contact us with any questions or to schedule maintenance or an inspection on a backflow prevention system, 678-804-6111.

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