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Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

Installed solutions to cover more than 125 million square feet all around the country in apartments, office buildings, and retail buildings.

ERRC Radio held by a fireman
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The intent of the Emergency Responder Radio Coverage system is to provide a tool for emergency responders to maintain radio communications during an incident, and a higher level of protection and safety for firefighters while inside buildings. The ERRC system improves operational effectiveness by allowing the use of the existing communications system and equipment and by avoiding the need to use special radio frequencies or systems, intercoms or mobile repeaters in stressful emergency situations.

Many jurisdictions are now requiring ERRC systems and SuperHero Fire Protection is a leader in these systems throughout the SouthEast and MidAtlantic including Georgia and North Carolina. We have more experience and knowledge than any other provider in ERRC systems as well as exclusive distribution contracts with the top manufacturers of these systems. Contact us today for all of your Emergency Radio Responder Coverage needs.

ERRC Installations

SuperHero Fire Protection is a leader in ERRC system installation and service. Whether it is new construction or retrofit, we can install the correct ERRC system required by code, and we get it done right the first time. Our technicians are fully certified in all ERRC systems and we are experts in the field.

Contact us with any questions or to schedule an ERRC installation at 678-804-6111.

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Annual Inspections and Maintenance

SuperHero Fire can perform all required inspections and re-certifications of all ERRC systems based on your internal and regulatory needs. We perform full testing, maintenance, and repairs to ensure that there is no downtime to your business so you can continue doing what you do best rather than having to worry about getting shut down by the Fire Department or worse yet – being concerned about the functionality of your system and safety of your business & customers.

Contact us with any questions or to schedule an ERRC inspection at 678-804-6111.

Maintenance Schedule:

  • Fire Alarm Control Equipment
  • Alarm Monitoring Equipment
  • Initiating Devices
  • Notification Appliances
  • Auxiliary Relays and Controls