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From apartment complexes to office buildings, a working fire sprinkler system helps to reduce damage and save lives!

Fire Sprinkler in the ceiling
Outside fire sprinkler controls

SuperHero Fire Protection designs, installs inspects, maintains, and repairs fire sprinkler systems. We work with multi-family, residential and commercial properties across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. SuperHero Fire Protection’s sprinkler systems keep your property protected from a potential fire emergency 24/7 and provides security for your tenants, customers, employees and facility.

Fire Sprinkler Installations

SuperHero Fire Protection has performed thousands of installations, retrofits and tenant build-outs of various types of fire sprinkler systems. For decades we have kept the focus on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. From multi-family/residential to large commercial properties, we have the right system for you.

After learning your property’s needs, we will recommend a code-compliant and reliable fire sprinkler system that provides the highest level of fire safety possible. We then guide you from the initial design and installation process all the way through the inspections to ensure your sprinkler systems are always fully functioning and code-compliant.

Contact us with any questions or to schedule a sprinkler installation at 678-804-6111.

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Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Routine inspections provide peace of mind in knowing your sprinkler system is ready to help protect your property at the first sign of a fire.

SuperHero Fire Protection inspects all types of multi-family/residential and commercial fire sprinkler systems throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Our trained technicians inspect your sprinklers to ensure your fire sprinkler system will operate effectively in the event of an emergency.

Type of Sprinkler Systems SuperHero Fire Protection Inspects:

  • Wet pipe systems
  • Dry pipe systems
  • Pre-action systems
  • Deluge systems
  • Foam-Water Sprinkler System
  • Fire pumps
  • Stand pipes

Our thorough inspections ensure your fire sprinkler systems meet the most current National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards by inspecting:

  • Control valves’ position, condition, and accessibility
  • Sprinkler heads for position, condition, and any obstructions
  • Examine all visible piping, hangers, drain valves, and gauges
  • Conducting water flow tests

Contact us with any questions or to schedule a sprinkler inspection at 678-804-6111.

Maintenance Schedule:

  • Initiating Devices
  • Notification Appliances
  • Auxiliary Relays and Controls